Paul O Conner (07/17/2009)
Hey KT, I saw you on the TV last week doing an interview... You were really great! Big congrats on the Dot on Shaft endorsement as well. I am sure you can rock those guitars pretty hard... See you at your Downsview Park Show on August 1st.
Darren Craig (07/06/2009)
Can't wait to catch your show at The U-Turn Charity Event. I hear it is going to be quite the party. I may have to break out the Vodka first thing in the morning if it's anything at all like your last ;)
Jose Santriano (02/06/2009)
Hi Kathy, I love the new video! Really professionnal!! Indeed, it's not because you're a hundred pounds that you can't kick some ass!!
Noémie (31/05/2009)
hey! J'ai écouté ton cd et c'est vraiment super! (la je suis a montréal et j'ai enfin de l'internet lol) en tout cas, un bonjour du centre équestre rivière noire! a+ Noémie "de Toronto" haha
Jonathan (16/04/2009)
YO! Awesome tunes man! Really Blck Sabbath... Let us know if you are coming to Massachussett soon!
Diane (20/02/2009)
Hello! J'ai vu ton spectacle et je dois dire que tu en as surpris plusieurs. Félicitations et sache que ta prestation du «Justicier» m'a vraiment émue. Bonne chance dans tes futurs projets.
George (19/01/2009)
Hey KT! You guys were rocking last friday... Awesome show! We had a blast. Can't wait to see you again soon. Keep us posted on your shows! Thanks again, George and Suzie Reynolds. (The Toronto Tonto's!!
George Price (17/01/2009)
Kathy, thanks for having me up to your acoustic gig to play my blues harps at Route 66. It's great to get away from my drums for a change with my band and get out to play my other passionate instrument, the blues harps. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. You were great. Hope to see you at your next band gig. Cheers, George
Joe (12/12/2008)
Awesome show at the Annex last Wednesday. You guys sounded great!! Loving the duct tape;o)
Peter (08/12/2008)
Want to see some pics from rock n roll cafe
Yvanne (15/11/2008)
Received the CD, it's in my car and I've been listening to it all week! Rhode Island is my favorite!
Mystery (31/10/2008)
Very Cool
Patricia (01/10/2008)
ROCK ON GIRL FRIEND!! All the best in me a doll :-)
Luciene (27/09/2008)
I saw your show in Toronto on thursday, Sept 4 th. Great show. Great voice. What was the name of your keyboardist at that show, he looks familiar. Is he the same as the one that will be in Quebec? I am also going to be at both your shows in Quebec. I am coming with 6 other people. Can't wait! When will you be releasing your next CD?
Stan (26/09/2008)
Hey Kat, love the stuff... Great album!
Steven (03/09/2008)
Your last show was really great Kathy. Looking foreward to your next show. : )
Pascal (24/08/2008)
un deux, un deux patate poil... Awsome show last Thursday, sounded great.