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With the release of her brand new album Not Guilty, Kathy Taler has become the bad girl on the Canadian independent music scene. The raspy voiced Rock 'n Roll singer, who now resides in Toronto, has spent four years playing New York City's best and raunchiest coffee bars and clubs. Upon first moving in on the American music scene, she performed on various recording projects as a backup vocalist before releasing her first original EP, I Never Bled, which she co-produced. Her unmistakable vocals on the track resulted in the song being picked by Lulu Records for their compilation album called Women in Williamsburg, which ended up hitting the stores with National Distribution in the United States. Her travels have inspired a gritty punk rock attitude that shows itself clearly in her music and also in her live performance style. Always one for onstage theatrics and visuals, her shows seem to be on the verge of crashing and bursting into flames but she manages to hold on for dear life and walk away smiling like a bloodied prize fighter who just KO'd the opponent in the 1st round. Audiences are often shocked, and always surprised, but never seem to be able to look away out of fear that they may miss some of the excitement. She is kind of like 105 pounds of "kick your ass"... Not someone whose purse you would want to snatch. And that's just the theatrics part. The music speaks for itself, and on its own certain terms.

Since being in Toronto, Kathy has appeared on CHRY 105.5 and CKRG 89.9, to name a few. Taler's music might just be the wake up call that the Canadian music industry needs right now. With songs such as Life Stinks and Angel of Death, expect to be surprised.

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